Itaewon House with Hotel Interior 1

Itaewon House with Hotel Interior 1

South Korea, Seoul



  • 公寓
  • 私人房
  • 3 位客人
  • 1 房间
  • 2张床
  • 1间浴室




I provide breakfast on the lovely table every morning. My place is less than 5 min walk away from Itaewon Subway and Airport limousine bus stop.

-Walking Distance
-War Memorial, National Museum,Seoul Central Mosque, Namsan Tower,Han Riverside ..

Itaewon house with hotel Interior

I provide breakfast on the lovely table evey morning.

You can stay at great location with easy access to subway in the middle of Itaewon. My place is less than 5min walkaway from Itaewon Subway Station and Airport limousine bus stop.

[Local Attractions]

- Walking Distance
War Memorial, National Museum, Seoul Central Mosque, Namsan Tower, Han Riverside Park….

- 10min by Taxi or Bus or Subway
Myeong-dong, Dongdaemoon Market, Seoul Central Station, Insa-dong, Blue House…..

- The house is next to the Yongsan city center / Itaewon Subway Station, ideally situated between Gangnam and Myungdong and Dongdaemoon. Our neighborhood is quiet and absolutely safe.

- ITAEWON : The Global Community in Seoul: Global Fashions and Foods

Itaewon is a unique place in Seoul where one can meet people of diverse nationalities and cultures. There is a popular joke saying that international residents may not know Seoul, but they know Itaewon. Seoul even designated Itaewon as its first ‘Special Tourism District,’ to highlight it as a destination for internationals to enjoy a diversity of culture, shopping, and entertainment experiences.

Itaewon is in the middle of Yongsan-gu, which borders the northern part of the Hangang River. It is also close to Seoul Station, Myeong-dong, and Namsan Mountain. The formation of this exotic and global tourism site is closely associated with modern Korean history.

In the aftermath of the Korean War, American soldiers began to stay in the Yongsan Garrison and, consequently, numerous businesses and housing complexes were formed in Yongsan. In preparation for international meetings, the Seoul Asian and Olympic Games, the government strengthened tourism infrastructures and revitalized commerce, prompting international tourists from other parts of the world (such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.) to visit Itaewon.

Itaewon typically refers to the street full of stores, restaurants, and stalls over 1.4 kilometers between Itaewon 1-dong and Hannam 2-dong in the east. Fashion shops specialize in various imported clothes, leather goods, fur goods, handbags, shoes, and antique furniture. Big and tall sizes unavailable in other areas are well-stocked, and experienced tailors offer customized clothes.

Another one of Itaewon’s many draws is its diverse food culture, which features cuisine from around world. Restaurants right behind Hamilton Hotel form a type of exhibition hall for international foods from Korea, New York, London, India, Thailand, China, Greece, Pakistan, Italy, France, Mexico, Australia, and more. Unique flavors, exotic interiors, and diverse nationalities help to make Itaewon befittingly ‘the global village in Seoul.’

- TV / Cable TV
- Internet / WIFI
- Air Conditioning
- Heating
- Lift in Building
- Kitchen
- Washer
- Dryer
- Family / Kid friendly

我每天早上上可爱的表提供早餐。我的地方是少于 5 分钟走出梨泰院地铁和机场接送巴士站。

-步行距离 — — 战争纪念馆,国家博物馆,首尔中央清真寺,南山塔汉河畔。


你可以住在伟大的位置,可以方便地访问在梨泰院地铁。我的位置小于 5 分钟窃从梨泰院地铁站和机场接送巴士站。

[本地景点]-步行距离战争纪念馆,国家博物馆,首尔中央清真寺、 南山塔、 韩滨江...-公园乘出租车或公交车 10 分钟或地铁明洞、 Dongdaemoon 市场、 首尔中央站、 Insa-东蓝房子......

-这房子是龙山城市中心 / 梨泰院地铁站,理想情况下位于首尔江南区和明洞和 Dongdaemoon 之间。我们小区很安静,绝对安全。

-梨泰院 ︰ 在首尔全球社会 ︰ 全球时装和食品梨泰院是一个独特的地方,在首尔,一个能满足不同国籍和文化的人。有一个流行的笑话,说国际居民可能不知道首尔,但是他们知道梨泰院是。首尔甚至指定梨泰院作为其第一次 ' 特别旅游区,以突出显示它作为一个目的地为国脚们获得多元化的文化、 购物和娱乐体验。

梨泰院位于龙山-gu,边界北部的汉江。它也是靠近首尔站、 明洞和南山山。这个充满异国情调和全球旅游网站的形成是与现代韩国历史密切相关。

在朝鲜战争之后,美国士兵开始呆在龙山驻军,因此,许多企业和住宅区被形成和龙山。在筹备国际会议,汉城亚洲和奥运会,政府加强旅游基础设施和振兴商务,提示 (如日本、 东南亚、 非洲、 中东地区等) 世界其他地区的国际游客参观梨泰院。

梨泰院通常是指街道充分的商店、 餐馆和摊位超过 1.4 公里之间梨泰院 1 东和汉南 2 东在东部。时尚商店专门从事各种进口的服装、 皮革制品、 毛皮物品、 手袋、 鞋和古董家具。大和高的大小不可用在其他领域是库存充足,和经验丰富的裁缝提供定做的衣服。

梨泰院的许多画的另一是其多样的饮食文化,特色佳肴,从世界各地。哈密尔顿酒店餐馆身后形成类型的国际食品来自韩国、 纽约、 伦敦、 印度、 泰国、 中国、 希腊、 巴基斯坦、 意大利、 法国、 墨西哥、 澳大利亚,和更多的展览厅。独特的风味、 充满异国情调的室内设计和不同国籍有助于使梨泰院缓冲首尔地球村 '。

[设施]-电视 / 有线电视-互联网 / WIFI-空调-加热-电梯在建设-厨房-垫圈-干燥-家庭孩子友好


  • 电视
  • 有线电视
  • 宽带网络
  • 无线宽带
  • 空调
  • 暖气
  • 洗衣机/烘干机
  • 热水浴缸
  • 早餐
  • 适合家庭/儿童


清洁费 CNY 138 (每次入住)
每位额外客人每晚付 CNY 138 (2位客人后)
押金 CNY 0
此款项的金额由房东在办理入住时收取,在退房时归还,以防物品损坏或丢失。 了解更多
取消 宽松
  • 入住起始日前至少 14 天取消预订可获得全额退款(HomeAway 服务费除外)
  • 入住起始日前至少 7 天取消预订可获得 50% 退款(HomeAway 服务费除外)





1. Please take off your shoes
2. No Smoking at all time
3. No Noise or party during the night.
4. Please use our house as if it is your friend's or your own home. Please keep them clean and tidy.
5. No Pets
1.请请脱掉你的鞋子 2。在所有时间 3,禁止吸烟。没有噪音或夜间的聚会。


入住 下午2:00
退房 上午11:00
面积 没有注明
最少入住天数 1 晚
最多入住天数 90 晚