Family room for 5 travelers

Family room for 5 travelers

Hong Kong, Kowloon, Mong Kok Hong Kong




  • 公寓
  • 私人房
  • 5 位客人
  • 1 房间
  • 4张床
  • 1间浴室




The apartment situated in the heart of Monkok. It is the famouus shopping distriict in Hong Kong. At the back there is the fubulous shopping Mall Langham Place. In the East, just a 5 minutes walk you can visit the Ladies Street (a night market), Goldfish Street and the sportswear street.

You can buy everything you want downstairs. Hundreds of restaurants are available in the surroundings, where you can relish a wide variety of local, regional nd international cuisines.

- 5 minutes walk to the nearby Monkok subway Station
- 5 minutes to the A21 aiirport shuttle bus stop(overnight shuttle N21 is also available.
-10 minutes walk to the CTS Hong Kong - Canton Bus Terminal
- 15 minutes to tne Monkok East train station where you can take train to Shenzhen and transit take transit to Guangzhou.

Room facilities
- Own bathroom with shampoo,liquid soap, toilet paper, cold and hot water supply
- Free Wifi
- Free local call
- Cable and free to air TV channels
- one double bed with extend bed
- 2 single beds
- Electronic locks
- Air conditioning
公寓坐落在 Monkok 的心脏。这是购物在香港 Hong distriict famouus。在后面还有 fubulous 购物商场朗豪坊。在东方,只是你可以参观女士街 (夜市),金鱼街、 服装街步行 5 分钟。你可以买你想要到楼下的一切。数百家餐馆,可在周围的环境,在那里你可以享受种类繁多的本地、 区域和国际美食。运输-5 分钟步行到附近的 Monkok 地铁站-5 分钟到 A21 aiirport 穿梭巴士站 (通宵班车 N21 也是可用的。-10 分钟步行到 CTS Hong 香港-广州巴士总站-15 分钟到上层 Monkok 东火车站在哪里你可以坐火车到深圳和过境需要过境到广州。房间设施-拥有浴室配有洗发水、 洗手液、 卫生纸、 冷和热水供应-免费 wifi 上网-免费本地电话-电缆和免费的电视频道-一张双人床与延长床-2 张单人床-电子锁-空气 conditioning


  • 电视
  • 有线电视
  • 无线宽带
  • 空调
  • 电梯


清洁费 不收费
每位额外客人每晚付 CNY 89 (5位客人后)
押金 CNY 0
此款项的金额由房东在办理入住时收取,在退房时归还,以防物品损坏或丢失。 了解更多
取消 中等
入住前 5 天取消预订可退全款(平台收取的服务费除外)





Possessed valid travel document
No illegal and questionable activities are tolerated
Tke good care of room facilities and items.
No smoking inside the room.
Possessed 有效的旅行证件没有非法和可疑的活动是容忍将军澳支线好房间设施和项目。禁止吸烟房间里面。


入住 下午1:00
退房 上午11:30
面积 14 m2
最少入住天数 3 晚
最多入住天数 180 晚

评价 (9)

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Very nice location. Albert is a nice person.



Nice and easy stay with reasonable price and good location for shopping, coffee shops, MTR, Bus stop and bus to airport.
好而且容易留与合理的价格、 购物、 咖啡厅、 地铁、 巴士站和巴士到机场的好位置。
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We travelled as a family of four. Our kids are teenagers. The host Albert, is very very helpful, friendly and hospitable. We kept in contact through Whatsapp and always responded quickly. He was, during our stay, unavailable to attend to us personally, so he forwarded all service to his relatives who live in the same building. His relatives were also very very friendly, but did not service us on time. For instance, when we arrived 9 am in the morning, we had to wait two hours before we could enter the apartment so that they could finish cleaning it. After a 10 hour flight, we were pretty tired. And there were almost never any toilet paper available. So, as the relatives are very very friendly and warm, they were pretty slow to attend to us. And they didn't speak English.
As we lived on the top floor, we had a spectacular view! But living on the 26th floor also meant that plumming works on and off. But we managed. The tile floor was nice. The bathroom is completely tiled and fresh. The Sun Hing buildning has security at the entrance and the location is in the midst of everything in Mong Kok! But prepared to live in a small space (as Hong Kong apartments all are) and that the hallways and stairs in the building are unclean. Overall, we had a nice stay in the middle of everything!
我们旅行作为一家四口。我们的孩子都是青少年。陈伟业,主机是非常非常乐于助人、 友好、 热情。我们保持联系通过 Whatsapp 和总是反应很快。他是我们逗留期间,向我们亲自出席,所以他交给他的亲戚住在同一栋楼的所有服务不可用。他的亲戚也非常友好,但没有不为我们服务的时间。例如,当我们到达 9 是早晨,我们不得不等待两个小时之前,他们可以完成清洗它,我们能进入公寓。经过 10 小时的飞行,我们都很累了。几乎永远不会有任何卫生纸可用。因此,亲属都非常非常的友好和热情,他们是相当缓慢的参加到我们。他们不会说英语。
由于我们住在顶楼,我们有一个壮观的景色 !但住在 26 楼,也意味着那 plumming 工程打开和关闭。但我们管理。瓷砖地板是不错的。浴室是完全平铺和新鲜。孙庆 buildning 安全入口处,位置是在位于旺角的一切 !但准备住在一个小空间 (作为香港公寓都是) 和走廊和楼梯在建筑中的都是不洁净。总体而言,我们有一个不错的住宿在一切 !
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The room and the beds, pillows and beddings were all clean, including the toilet. The shower was equipped with a heater which was necessary due to the cold weather especially in the morning. Although the room is not very spacious for 5 persons, the 3 beds were just enough for us. The flat is in the middle of a business center so its very accessible to the MRT station, bus stops, restaurants and convenient stores.

I will definitely book again the room if given the chance to visit again Hongkong as a tourist with my family.

Eduardo Uy
房间里的床、 枕头和床上用品干净所有,包括厕所。淋浴间配备了热水器尤其在上午是必要的天气寒冷。虽然房间不是很宽敞的 5 人,3 张床,刚好够我们。单位是商业的中心,所以其非常接近地铁站、 巴士站、 餐馆和便利商店。


Eduardo Uy
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Albert was very friendly as i got lost while i arrived on the first day. He came over to the next street to pick us up. The room was pretty good and its a bit small for the 5 of us but still acceptable and value for the price. Location is the best thing i had ever asked for. Just a few minutes walk from the MTR. Despite the protest in Nathan Rd every night, it is still considered as quiet for the night. My mum and 3 other friends are all very satisfied with this apartment and definitely will come back for a stay whenever Im in HK.
艾伯特是非常友好,我迷路了,而我的第一天到达。他来到下一条街来接我们。房间很不错,有点小,我们还是可以接受和有价值的价格 5。位置是最好的事情,我都问过问题的。从地铁步行几分钟的时间。每天晚上在弥敦道 Rd 抗议,尽管它是仍然视为安静过夜。我的妈妈和其他 3 位朋友都很满意这间公寓一定会再回来住时 Im 在港元。
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Sorry for the very late review.
I just want to say thank you for letting me and my family stay in your accommodation. Even though Albert is not there, his uncle Mr. Ying was very accomodating and we highly appreciate everything that you have done for us.
Thank you and we had a wonderful stay in hong kong.
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the room is just nice for me and my family. i have difficulty talking to albert in phone when i was trying to find the place. But Mr Ying(Albert cousin) saved the day. He is so friendly and helpful. Location is very good. below the building there's a bus stop where you can ride a bus going to airport and an mtr too. Will recommend this place to my friends with little children.
这个房间是刚刚好我和我的家人。我有困难时我想找个地方在电话中交谈陈伟业。但先生 Ying(Albert cousin) 保存一天。他是如此的友好和乐于助人。位置是非常好的。以下的建筑有一个公共汽车站在哪里你可以乘公共汽车去机场和地铁太。将向我的朋友们和小孩子们推荐这个地方。
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Chew L Y


The room is very comfortable. But it is a bit tiny for 4-5 ppl.. Since we only have 3 of us so has more space for us to put our luggage. One minus point is in the same buidling there are night clubs and suana... but dont worry it is safe.
房间里是非常舒适的。但它是为 4 5 ppl 有点小。因为我们只有 3 我们所以有更多的空间,让我们把我们的行李。减去一点就是在同一建筑中有夜总会和苏瓦纳......,但别担心就是安全。
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Room's tiny but definitely value for money considering its central location. The apartment's located right in the middle of Mongkok's shopping area and a minute walk away from Langham Place (mega shopping mall) and Mongkok MTR. There are also many eateries and specialty shops within the vicinity so almost anything you can think of is within a stone's throw away.

Mongkok MTR is pretty much the centre of the country's train network so most shopping and CBD stations are less than 20 mins away. Commuting by bus is also convenient as the bus stops under the apartment building has many bus services, one of them being the Airport Express A21(HKD 33 to airport).

The host are friendly and can converse in English. If you're not concerned about hotel amenities and room size, rooms under this host may be a perfect choice for you.
房间里的微小,但绝对价值钱考虑它的中央位置。该公寓坐落在旺角的购物区和朗豪坊 (大型购物中心) 和旺角地铁步行数分钟。也有很多小吃店和专卖店内附近,也因此几乎任何你能想到的是在一个石头的扔掉。旺角地铁是很多该国的火车网络因此大多数购物的中心,CBD 站都少于 20 分钟的车程。公寓大楼下的巴士站有很多的巴士服务,其中之一是机场表达 A21(HKD 33 to airport),乘公交车上下班也是方便的。主持人很友好,也可以用英语交流。如果你不关注酒店设施和房间的大小,根据此主机的房间可能是一个完美的选择。
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