30sec Sta AKB Shinjuku Shibuya 301

30sec Sta AKB Shinjuku Shibuya 301

Japan, Tōkyō To, Koto




  • 私人住宅
  • 私人房
  • 2 位客人
  • 1 房间
  • 1张床
  • 0.5间浴室


There are a lot single occupancy rooms that share the apartment’s facilities.
There are few apartments in Tokyo as convenient as this one!
A nearby Lawson’s convenience store is open 24 hours a day.


The Space

Subway is the most common form of transit in Tokyo as there are many convenient stations.
It is both practical and inexpensive.

Basic : 1-2 persons.(double bed with soft mattress)
MAX : 3 persons(semi-double with soft mattress + Japanese style Bedding (Futon))

We are located in a very good and safe area. Similar to tourist information kiosks, we have many brochures, maps, and knowledge about traveling in Japan to share and help you enjoy your stay.

Guest Access

The rental apartment shares space with the 2nd and 3rd floors. Guests are free to use the larger kitchen and living room (with TV) on the 3rd floor. The kitchen section has a 2 Induction Heating. Easy to use and clean.
There are two toilets and 2 showers located in the house.
There are 2 automatic washing machines (medium large, capable to hold loads up to 8kg).
There is 1 dryer on the 3rd floor. This is a gas type dryer. Unlike most dryers in Japan that are electric, gas dryers consume less time and dry your clothes sooner.)

Interaction with Guests

The choice is yours.
When you want information, I provide a lot.
When you don't want to contact, I do nothing.

The Neighborhood

* ‘Lawson’ Convenience store (24 hour open) 30 sec
* SUMIYOSHI station, on the Tokyo Metro 30sec
* 100 yen super market 3 min
* Good noodle restaurant 3 min
* Suki-ya restaurant(Beef Bowl Shop) 3 min
* Mos Hamburger restaurant (Japanese Brands) 3 min
* ‘Life’Supermarket ( open until 12:00 am ) 4 min
* Drug store (open until 9:00 pm ) 4 min

Getting around

The train is the best! Fair price and efficient. I'm lovin' it.
Where ever you have in mind, there are many routes, and many train are available in Japan.
Many users wrote that they liked it and found it "very useful".
You can make your way easily to many main tourist attractions and other facilities from our place such as:
Those places are on Shinjuku LINE and Hanzomon LINE.
Akihabara:6 minutes away
Tokyo Sky tree: 5min or go walk for 25min
Tokyo (Otemachi):11 minutes away
Shinjuku: 22 min
Shibuya: 27 min
Transfer once
Asakusa: 20 min. or walk for 27min
Tsukiji:16 min
The Imperial Palace@30 min
Tokyo Tower@35 min
Electric Bike Tour will be 3,500yen + 2,000 yen for bike rental per person for half day.
It is very convenient to get around Tokyo.
Access to "Tokyo" station is very easy.

Tip! Buy a JR line train pass for 7, 14, or 21 days. Previous residents have traveled to Nikko, Kyoto, Osaka, etc. using this pass.

- Travel time by train to / from Airports
Haneda Airport: 60 minutes
Narita Airport: 80 minutes

Other Things to Note

Please come and enjoy Tokyo at my apt.!

I can prepare for rental of various.
bicycle ¥ 4,000 per month
¥ 2,000 per 10 days
¥ 1000 per 3 days
Pocket WIFI ¥ 4,000 per month
¥ 2,000 per 10 days
¥ 1000 per 3 days

There are not must
It is not necessarily that there are always.
It is a limited.
Because,I have a lot of room.
Please request to early.


  • 电视
  • 宽带网络
  • 无线宽带
  • 空调
  • 厨房
  • 洗衣机/烘干机


清洁费 不收费
每位额外客人每晚付 不收费
押金 CNY 0
此款项的金额由房东在办理入住时收取,在退房时归还,以防物品损坏或丢失。 了解更多
取消 严格
入住前 7 天取消预订,可退款 50%(HomeAway 收取的服务费除外)



Shoes: In case of Japan house, please take off your shoes before entering the house.

Smoking: If you want to smoke, please do so at smoking areas of 1F.

Noise: This is a quiet neighborhood and we have neighbors in the building, so please keep the noise level reasonable while inside the house. Specially,Be careful at midnight. This is including the meaning that defend for you from other guest.

Do not put out great sound (after 10 pm) -----@-----.--- kept clean common areas.
(We have done regular cleaning)

If you want to stay more than 10 days
Please wash regularly sheets.


入住 下午3:00
退房 上午11:00
面积 没有注明
最少入住天数 28 晚
最多入住天数 180 晚

评价 (7)

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very close to sumiyoshi station and not so far from big stations like shinbashi,shinjuku and shibuya so convenient ; clean enough,organised with basic necessities . The only hiccap was that the host took too long to reply , also there were other rooms in the same location with the same numbers so it was difficult to locate our room
非常接近住吉车站并不远像新桥、 新宿、 涩谷等方便; 大的广播电台清洁不够,协办基本必需品。只有 hiccap 是,主机花了太久才回信,也有其他房间在相同数目相同的位置所以很难找到我们的房间。
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This place will not dissopoint it is immaculately clean great location and host soichi is very responsive to problems you may incounter we found the map soichi gave us to get there from the airport very easy to understand just follow the pictures and you will get there with no worries and as he says it is 30 seconds from the train station and a 24 hour Lawson convenience store I would highly recommend this to anyone very happy with our decision to stay there : ) 10 out of ten it says what it is will definitely go back and stay there .
这个地方不会是一尘不染的 dissopoint 清洁优越的地理位置和主机聪是非常敏感的问题你可能反洗钱我们发现地图聪给了我们去那里从机场很容易理解只是遵循图片和你会到那里没有任何忧虑和正如他所说它是从火车站和 24 小时罗森便利店 30 秒我高度推荐这对任何人都很满意我们决定呆在那里:) 10 十有八九它说它是什么肯定会回去和呆在那里。
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I cannot say that the place is immaculately clean because of the shared bathroom but it ranks 4/5. The room itself is also clean enough.

The description are all true. the place looks exactly as displayed in the images. The reviews are all true as well. We experienced it first hand.

Very good! great people, neighborhood is safe, quiet and friendly.

We got more than what we paid for. Considering that we booked this place less than 30 days before our flight, this.is definitely an affordable option.

Location is amazing. it is just behind Sumiyoshi Station Shinjunku line. When you are tired after an exhausting day of travel, it is very easy to come home with 1 or no transfers needed. Location is superb near major tourist spots including easy access to airport. (Sumiyoshi's first train ride is around 5am but gate opens at around 4:40am) There is a nearby Lawson, 711, Italian restaurant, pub, bakery, park etc. walking distance to Sky Tree.

Excellent host! Soici is very accomodating and helpful. He answered our messages quickly and respond to our needs the best he can. He even helped us fixed our aircon unit when we couldnt figure out how to turn on the heater. He allowed us to rent a pocket wifi and bikes all for a reasonable price.

Overall, we couldnt thank home away.com enough for allowing us to find Soici's place.. we will surely come back.

PS: do not forget to try the italian resto nearby called PRIMO. it is less than 10 steps away from the entrance. Food is great and Host is friendly.
我不能说的地方是一尘不染的清洁清洁由于共享浴室但排名 4/5。房间本身也是干净的。


很好的经验!伟大的人民,邻居是安全、 安静、 友好。

我们有比我们花多少钱买更好的价值。考虑,我们订的这个地方不少于 30 天之前我们的航班,这是绝对负担得起的选项。

位置是惊人的。它是仅次于住吉站 Shinjunku 线。当你累了,筋疲力尽的天的旅行后,它是很容易来 1 或没有转让需要带回家。位置是精湛附近主要旅游景点,包括方便前往机场。(住吉的第一次坐火车是大约 5 上午但门打开在大约 4:40 上午)还有附近的劳森,711,意大利餐厅、 酒吧、 面包房、 公园等步行距离到天空树。

优秀的主机!Soici 是非常友好和乐于助人。他很快地回答我们的消息,并回应我们需要的尽他所能。他甚至帮助我们当我们不能弄清楚如何打开加热器固定我们空调机组。他允许我们租口袋 wifi 和自行车全部为一个合理的价格。

总体而言,我们不能感谢回家 away.com 足够的允许我们找到 Soici 的地方。我们肯定会回来。

PS: 不要忘记尝试附近称为首先意大利一生。它是离入口的少于 10 个步骤。食物是伟大的是友好的主机。
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Great place! Clean and convenience, with friendly house mates.



The room is big , clean , everything is great
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I stayed for two weeks in this room and the experience was nearly perfect! The room was big, with all the supplies you need (even a plug adapter!) and the house was in a very convenient neighborhood. It was quiet at night and the subway connection with every place in Tokyo is very good.

Also the subway is just around the corner! which is awesome when your coming back tired from walking all day visiting the awesome Tokyo. Being so well communicated it's also great for coming from/going to the airport. But, anyway don't worry about this because Soichi will send you a step by step explanation from the airport to the house! He is a great host and always asked me if everything was ok. Thank you Soichi!

Let's meet again!! :)
我在这个房间里呆了两个星期和经验,是近乎完美 !房间很大,与所有的用品,你需要 (甚至插头适配器 !),房子是在一个非常方便的社区。它在夜晚静悄悄的与每个地方在东京的地铁连接是很好。地铁也指日可待 !你的到来后步行前往东京的令人敬畏的一整天都累了的时候,那很棒。被如此有效及时的沟通也是伟大的来自 / 去机场。但是,无论如何不要担心,因为聪一会送你一步一步解释从机场去房子 !他是一个伟大的主机,总是问我,是否一切安好。谢谢你聪 !让我们再见面 !:)
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We love this place! It's so quiet and convenient to stores and restaurant. You'll need a quiet place like this after a busy day sightseeing. The host is very friendly, helpful sand considerate, just like most of people in Tokyo.
我们爱这个地方 !它是如此的安静和方便商店和餐厅。你需要一个安静的地方,像这样忙碌一天的观光之后。主持人是非常友好,乐于助人的沙子,善解人意,就像很多人在东京。
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