Tatoo ok! Onsen of 400 years of history

Tatoo ok! Onsen of 400 years of history

Japan, Tokyo, Edogawa




  • 公寓
  • 整间住宅/公寓
  • 4 位客人
  • 1 房间
  • 3张床
  • 1间浴室




The bathroom and kitchen aren't shared. Within your room, you have your own kitchenette, shower and toilet.

To funabori station need 5 min by walking.
to shinjiuku need 26 min by train.
to tokyo station need 30 min by train.
to akihabara station need 16 min by train.
to ginza station need 23 min by train.
to disneyland need 45min.
to tukiti market need 26min.

The apartment is located old town in Tokyo since 1970.
Japanese stylish room entertains your travel!Every single rooms are renovated, clean and new.We offer accommodation as simple and comfortable rooms with traditional cloth called "Kimono", with tools of Japanese green tea.We recommend a view of old town Tokyo.
It make you relax.
We also have own hot spring, it is loved by people over 400years.
You can enjoy Japanese food easily such as Soba, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Izakaya.
All located near by our apartment.

Our apartment is simple, but with nice quality objects. It's perfect for 2 or 3 people looking to explore Tokyo outside of the designated tourist areas but still have freedom and easy access to the rest of the city. The apartment is decorated with traditional culture of Japan. All is the real thing.

** Please note **
Please come to an office. A key and Wifi is passed in an my office.I explain the room.
Please don't smoke inside the room. Pets are not allowed, and room is non-smoking . smaking a som noise in a room is not possible to do this .

+++++++++ Amenities/Facilities +++++++++

We will supply you with;
- Pocket wifi
- Clean bath towels and linen
- Hair dryer
- Washing machine
- Small kitchen with fridge
- Bathroom
- Air conditioner

++++++++++++++ Bedding +++++++++++++++

It has Single size 2 bed (200cm x 130cm) that sleeps two people. In addition, I have prepared sofa bed, a futon.
This will be your own private house while you are in Tokyo.
Of course I like to meet as many guests as possible, I usually work on day time. Thus, I can contact by e-mail, line, messenger. I will do quick response so please don't hesitate to get in contact with them.

+++++++++++++ Check-in ++++++++++++++

Check-in time is usually after 4pm. If you have plenty of time, we suggest you use a coin locker in large/major stations to store your large bags.
Of course, it may be in my office. My office is located on the grounds of the apartment.

+++++++++++++ Check-out ++++++++++++++

10am. Unfortunately you cannot leave your bags in the room as generally there will be another guest arriving in the afternoon.

Again we suggest a coin locker at the train station.
Of course, it may be in my office. My office is located on the grounds of the apartment.

+++++++++++ Transportation +++++++++++++

The closest train stations are;

From Funabori station (the toei shinnjyuku line) 5 minutes on foot.


++++++++++++ Around Tokyo +++++++++++++

Akihabara 16 min by train
Tokyo Station 21 min by train
Ginza 23 min by train
Asakusa 24 min by train
Shinjuku 26 min by train
Ryogoku 26 min by train
Tukiti market 26min by train
Ueno 28 min by train
Shibuya 33 min by train
Harajuku 34 min by train
Roppongi 34 min by train
Disneyland need 45min by train

++++++++++++ Airport Directions +++++++++++++

From Narita Airport, take the Keisei Main Line towards Ueno. At Keisei Yawata (Motoyawata) Station, change to the Toei Shinjuku Line towards Shinjuku, and get off at Funabori Station. From there it's a short walk to the apartment.

From Haneda Airport, catch the Keikyü Airport Line. At Higashi-Nihonbashi (Bakuro-yokoyama) station, change to the Toei Shinjuku line, in the direction bound for Motoyawata, and get off at Funabori Station. From there it's a short walk to the apartment.

+++++++++++++ Last Words ++++++++++++++

Please read all the information available here & messages sent from ”HomeAway” or us before you come to our place.

Room rates are better to check on the ”HomeAway website” rather than asking us, because the rates fluctuate according to currency exchange rates.

”HomeAway” automatically takes care of the calculation.
If you have any question, be free to ask me in English!
浴室和厨房不会共享。在你的房间,你有你自己的小厨房、 淋浴和卫生间。

到船堀站步行需要 5 分钟。
shinjiuku 乘火车需要 26 分钟。
到东京车站乘火车需要 30 分钟。
到秋叶原站乘火车需要 16 分钟。
银座车站乘火车需要 23 分钟。
到迪士尼乐园需要 45 分钟。
到 tukiti 市场需要 26 分钟。

自 1970 年以来,该公寓是位于的老城在东京。
日本时尚房间招待你的旅行 !每个单一的客房装修好的干净的和新。我们提供住宿一样简单和舒适的客房与传统布被称为"和服",与工具的日本绿茶。我们建议老镇东京一个视图。
我们也有自己的温泉,它爱的人在 400years。
你可以享受轻松如荞麦面、 烤鸡肉串、 喜好烧、 居酒屋的日本料理。

我们的公寓是简单,但是具有很好的质量的对象。它是完美的 2 或 3 人看游览东京旅游定点的领域之外,但仍然具有自由和方便地访问城市的其他地方。公寓被装饰着日本的传统文化。都是真实的东西。

* * 请注意 * * 请到办公室来。键和 Wifi 通过在我的办公室。我解释了房间。
请不要在房间里吸烟。不允许带宠物,和房间是非吸烟区。德在一个房间里的 som 噪音是不可能做到这一点。

+ + + 设施 + + + 我们将供给给您;
-口袋 wifi-清洁浴毛巾和床单-头发干燥机-清洗机-小厨房与冰箱-浴室-空调 ___ + + + 床上用品 + + + 具有单一尺寸 2 床 (200 厘米 x 130 厘米),睡两个人。此外,我准备了沙发床,被褥。
当然我喜欢尽可能满足尽可能多的客人,通常工作一天的时间。因此,我可以通过电子邮件、 线、 信使联系。我会这样做快速反应请不要犹豫,他们取得了联系。

+ + + 复选中 + + + 入住时间是通常后 4 下午。如果你有足够的时间,我们建议你使用了投币式储物柜大/主要地点来存储你的大袋子。

+++++++++++++ Check-out ++++++++++++++


___ + + + 交通 + + + 最近的地铁站是;

从船堀站 (都营 shinnjyuku 线) 步行 5 分钟。

___ + + + 东京周边 + + + 乘火车东京车站 21 分钟乘火车乘火车飯店 26 分钟火车 Tukiti 市场乘火车六本木 34 分钟火车迪斯尼乐园需要 45 分钟火车火车原宿 34 分钟火车涩谷 33 分钟火车上野 28 分钟 26 分钟乘火车新宿 26 分钟乘火车浅草 24 分钟 23 分钟银座秋叶原 16 分钟 + + + 机场方向 + + + 成田空港从成田机场采取对上野京成为主线。京成八幡 (Motoyawata) 站,换乘都营新宿线往新宿,和在船堀站下车。从那里它是一个短的步行到公寓。

羽田空港从羽田机场,赶上 Keikyü 机场线。在东日本桥 (马喰横山) 站,改都营新宿线,在绑定为 Motoyawata,并获得船堀车站的方向。从那里它是一个短的步行到公寓。

+ + + 最后的话 + + + 请在这里读取所有可用的信息与之前你到我们这儿来,从"HomeAway"或我们发送的邮件。

房间的价格是更好地检查"HomeAway 网站"而不是问我们,因为利率变化而波动的货币汇率。

如果您有任何问题,可以自由地用英语问我 !


  • 无线宽带
  • 空调
  • 厨房
  • 洗衣机/烘干机
  • 热水浴缸
  • 蜂咛器/无线对讲机


清洁费 CNY 433 (每次入住)
每位额外客人每晚付 CNY 159 (1位客人后)
押金 CNY 721
此款项的金额由房东在办理入住时收取,在退房时归还,以防物品损坏或丢失。 了解更多
取消 严格
入住前 7 天取消预订,可退款 50%(HomeAway 收取的服务费除外)





■House Rules
We try to keep the rules simple:

- Please don't smoke inside the room. Pets are not allowed, and room is non-smoking .
smaking a som noise in a room is not possible to do this .

- All musical instruments, stereos, radios, and your voice volume, etc., should be at a volume that won't disturb the neighbours. Sometimes this can be quieter in Japan than other countries.

- Please ask us if you want to invite anyone over. If someone is staying overnight there is an extra charge which is 2500Yen per person.

- Please wash any dishes you use and try to leave the apartment in about the same condition as when you arrived. It helps us a lot to maintain a comfortable and clean environment.

- Please always give a smile to the neighbors or property manager if you see them :). Some of them may worry about new guests arriving so a smile is important!

- Please turn off the lights and air conditioner when you are out the apartment. We want to help the environment.

- Check-out has to be done by 10:00 am. I'm sorry but we have to charge you 3500 yen per hour for late check-out. It's because we have to pay the cleaner for the extra hours and it will cause trouble for the next guests arriving.

If you could treat our place like it's your own house we will be happy :)
■House 规则我们尽量保持简单的规则:-请不要在房间里吸烟。不允许带宠物,和房间是非吸烟区。
德在一个房间里的 som 噪音是不可能做到这一点。

-所有乐器、 音响、 收音机,和你的声音音量等,应该是不会打扰邻居的卷。有时这可以安静在日本比其他国家。

-请请询问我们,是否你想要邀请任何人过来。如果一个人现在住一夜之间还有额外的收费是每人 2500年日元。




签出已可以以 10:0 上午。我很抱歉,但我们必须向您收取延迟退房时间为每小时 3500 日元。这是因为我们要付的多个小时的清洁工和它将为下一个客人造成麻烦。



入住 下午4:00
退房 上午10:00
面积 27 m2
最少入住天数 3 晚
最多入住天数 90 晚

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Great place, great host, highly recommended. We really enjoyed our stay here !
The location may seem "off the beaten path", but the central sights and places are just a subway ride away (and let's face, it, wherever you are staying in a place like Tokyo, some areas you're interested in are alway bound to be a bit "further away".)
Here, you get the experience to stay in a local neighbourhood rather than a main tourist strip. Plenty of places to eat nearby as well as supermarkets and stores. The host provides great recommendation for restaurants and practical suggestions for getting around.
The free tickets for the Onsen next door are an added highliug, nothing better than a good soak after a long flight or a long day out and about Tokyo town.
Would we stay here again ? Definitely !!!



We had a pleasant stay, it was very hot during end of july but the AC worked well, close to Tokyos different areas and to restaurants/convenience store in the area. We got a portable wifi that was very useful and worked everywhere we went, but it was limited to 7 GB so take note of that and dont use youtube/update your phone and such and that will be fine!



The owner is very kind.
The environment is very good !
Everything is nice.
Hope you can live here and enjoy it !



We loved our stay with Masakatsu-san at Tatoo ok! Onsen. The room was clean and neat and was located in a quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Masakatsu-san waited for us to arrive and greeted us in a very friendly manner. He was pleasant and spoke English well enough to communicate. He helped us use the Onsen which was a unique experience. The room had everything we needed, with comfy beds, a nice hot shower, and a washing machine.

The location was good because it was far from the noise of the city, but that was also a negative. It was a little farther than we imagined it would be, so it made getting to Tokyo a little long. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the city, you may want to get somewhere a little closer. If you are looking to avoid the crowds and noise after a long day, then this location would be perfect for you.

Thank you Masakatsu-san for a pleasant stay, we would definitely stay again!

Brit and Jon

Kei K


Thank you so much! We really enjoyed the stay. It was close to the station and very tidy with everything we needed. We recommend others traveling to Tokyo to stay here as well! Thank you Masakatsu!



Excelente lugar. La limpieza perfecta. Los utensilios de cocina perfectos. La amabilidad del anfitrión. ..todo estuvo tal y como lo esperabamos



Once again, thanks to Nakajima-san, I had an immensely great visit to Tokyo and Japan. Not only is the apartment nice and cosy - but the location of it considering local transportation, all necessities, and leisure/activities etc. - is simply super convenient for anyone visiting Tokyo. But the main element of making this apartment a wonderful place to explore Japan and Tokyo is Mr. Nakajima-san himself. Out of all my trips around the world, renting apartments, Nakajima-san is absolutely the best host I have encountered. I am definitively staying here next time I visit Japan.



This was our second stay at Masakatsu's place, and it was just as fantastic as the first. Everything in the room was clean and new, and we had just what we needed to have a comfortable stay. Masa was as friendly and helpful as ever and would make a great host for anyone, whether it's their first visit to Japan or their tenth. I'd also like to mention what a great little town Funabori is; everything is clean and modern and it makes for a nice change from the busy streets of downtown Tokyo. We'd thoroughly recommend Masa's place to anyone wishing to visit Japan.



Masa was very accommodating. We let him know our arrival time and He waited for us even though we arrived 30 minutes late (9:30 pm) due to plane late arrival. The manuals he provided were very detailed. We had no problem getting to the location. It is surprisingly closer to the station than we imagined. He provided pocket WiFi which definitely helped us around Tokyo. Room was clean and items were clearly labeled. No issues sleeping as neighbors were quiet and not much noise from streets - very peaceful stay and good for unwinding after a long day exploring. Very good value for price point.